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Secrets of Success
Secrets of Success

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Snakes & Ladders
Snakes & Ladders

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Snakes & Ladders

A Realtor’s Journey To Success

Get Ken’s new book Snakes & Ladders


Snakes & Ladders is the quintessential follow-up to Ken Eddy’s successful first book Secrets of Success. This new book is a must-read for any Realtor or business owner searching for the simple truths for improving their business.
As a successful Realtor of 25 years, Ken continues in this genre as he takes us on a journey following the ups and downs of Realtor John Michaels. We follow John as he navigates almost every pitfall that one may face in today’s real estate market, or for that matter, life in general.

This well-crafted book has all the insight of an educational manuscript while at the same time reads like an enjoyable novel. Ken’s sense of humour lends an added lightness to the page and sets a mood that belies the seriousness of the content. One becomes involved with Michaels as he stumbles his way through many of life’s wrong turns and we find ourselves rooting for his success as if it were our own.

Whether you find yourself simply becoming absorbed in the read, or extracting the multitude of great business advice leveled at Realtors and business owners alike, Snakes & Ladders is another essential read from this perceptive Canadian author.

As follow-up to Ken’s previous book “Secrets of Success”
“10 Reasons why 10% of Realtors Control 90% of the Business” Ken takes
us on a fascinating journey to success with Realtor, John Michaels, he is
a fictional character but his challenges, obstacles and the road blocks he
runs into are very much real.Ken fills the pages with solid advice, clarity and direction as we follow
John Michaels’ journey right from the very beginning of his career. You will
sympathize with John Michaels, you will want to shake some sense into
him and ultimately you will cheer for him.Helped and hindered by Snakes and Ladders, these metaphorical images based on the classic board game “Snakes and Ladders,” feel all too real when you
combine a roll of the die with real life events, some in your control and some
out of your control.

This book will leave you with:

  • A treasure map to follow with the dangers and pitfalls
    in your search for success
  • Answers to some of the biggest challenges facing
    today’s Realtor
  • An opportunity to put yourself in the character’s
    position and benefit from his trials and tribulations
  • Good company on what can sometimes feel like a
    lonely journey

Empathy, understanding and laughter as you relate your own experiences with the books resilient heroSuccess is not a given, it does not just happen, rather it is elusive and fickle as the weather. You need to want it, harness it and hunt it down. For if you don’t, I can guarantee you it will not coming hunting you!

“Develop success from failures. Discouragement and
failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.”
~Dale Carnegie