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Canadian Teams Conference Top 5 Comments

Here are some of the top 5 likes or tips taken from the 2012 Canadian Teams Conference in Calgary, Alberta.

Jeff Parket, Kelowna

  • Top Agents are not to be feared, they enjoy sharing their success
  • Direct Mail – Consistency is just as important as the message you are sending
  • Have a business plan and stick to it (Spend time creating it)
  • Schedule your time, start with Holidays
  • Only do what I do best, hire out the rest

Jacquie Troughton

  • Business Plan!!!!! Checklists etc.
  • The value of coaching and or a support team
  • Treating your team members as a partner. supporting each other and setting similar goals.
  • Hiring a strong assistant or partner – How to interview what to look for having the right balance. Having an idea as to what most teams are paying for various positions.
  • Most effect marketing strategies. – Having a good listing presentation that everyone on the team follows. Which will allow us to let go!

Barry Campbell

  • Professional Networking
  • Quality of Speakers
  • Knowledge of Speakers
  • Length of each Presentation
  • Timing of the year

Ryan Sellers

  • Liked the interactive panel atmosphere
  • Networking opportunities were of great value
  • Great information from many different credible perspectives which enabled you to see how different people operate to get the same outcome accomplished.
  • Ken Eddy is awesome. Enough said!
  • Ken Eddy Seminars are an incredible value!

Sharon Black

  • Strategy – understanding that utilizing someone else’s materials isn’t what I am after, as I am my own agent and person – however being able to understand the strategy behind the concepts was powerful.
  • Whether in a team situation or an individual, often we are alone in determining what is best for the “team” – knowledge and insight into teams and the understanding we are not alone in our challenges – yet to hear that the challenges can be overcome and that there are successful methods to utilize in today’s market, was huge.
  • Consistency – in what you do and how you approach each day/week/year – systems to make your time effective and productive.
  • Partner vs Associate – fascinating use of a word, yet so powerful when it comes to team building – as well as confidence building with your clients.
  • Focus on your data base, minimize contacts to quality people and bring your spending in line – consistent with your outlay. Understanding the timing on increasing or decreasing your team.

Shirley Porter

  • Well organized – comfortable facilities and set up
  • Ken Eddy – Dynamic speaker and facilitator. Questions/Interviews were relevant and informative
  • Guest speakers were EXCEPTIONAL. All were true leaders who were eager to share and help others grow
  • Cost – was reasonable and provided great value.
  • Size – more intimate than most REMAX functions. Better opportunities for meaningful connections.