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I wanted to thank you for those secrets you shared with me on your book “Secrets of Success. I enjoyed its reading and think it will save tons of time to any new or experienced real estate agent around the world. You describe the basic principles that we always forget to implement. I loved the business plan as how you present it, would you mind sharing me the format of business plan you use?

I also wanted to share with you these words in Spanish that you may use for your Spanish edition of your book. Thank you so much again and look forward to see you in Las Vegas,

Los secretos del éxito, 10 razones por las que 10% de los inmobiliarios controlan el 90% del mercado, es un trampolín para ahorrarse años de prueba y error en su carrera inmobiliaria. En el, Ken recoge su experiencia por más de 20 años y nos recuerda las bases que aplican a este negocio que está en constante cambio y que constantemente olvidamos aplicar. Con seguridad el lector que aplique estos principios hará parte de este selecto grupo de inmobiliarios altamente productivos.

~ Francisco Paillie

Director Regional

RE/MAX Colombia

Miembro del consejo directivo de la Lonja de Propiedad Raíz de Bogotá


Ken Eddy’s informative and creative presentation to our realtors in September this year was a breath of fresh air.
His clear understanding of real estate at all levels creates an environment of growth and profitability for all who hear him.
His presentation also supports his informative writing in his latest book, “Secrets of Success” 10 Reasons why 10% of Realtors Control 90% of the Business…which is a must read for all real estate professionals.

Thank you Ken for a terrific job, Well Done!

~Bjorn Soolsma
RE/MAX results realty

Hi Ken!!

I echo all of the positive comments of others, to yourself and the exceptional presenters. Thank you for this generous opportunity to learn so much.

As I am still relatively new to this industry/profession I am encouraged by the strength of leadership and character and the business acumen of so many. Clearly this is an industry that is under appreciated for the strength of its leadership.

Thank you…I look forward to more of your work and the opportunity to build relationships with this great group of people.

~ David

Thanks to Ken!

for putting on a superb conference. I definitely came home a much better REALTOR(R) because
of it.

It was a pleasure meeting all of you. I look forward to keeping in touch & seeing you again at future events.

Take care & God bless : )

~ Conrad Bitangcol


Thank you for such an amazing teams conference. Power packed 2 days with incredible information….ideas and as always…great networking!  Looking forward to implementing many
great ideas!  Worth every penny!!!!!
~ Kathy Thirsk


Good Morning All,

Since entering into this business a few years ago it never ceases to amaze me the the number of Fantastic and Hard working people in our Industry. The knowledge I take back and implement makes me a better person as well as my Business gains noticeable success every time.

Ken, my hat is off to you! It’s a comment that never grows old, but I know how much behind the scene work it really takes. Can’t wait for the next opportunity to network and discuss the incredible Success stories of fellow Realtor’s and industry Professionals.

See you in February for Conference or sooner!

~ Barry Campbell

Ken Eddy Real Estate Forum Calgary 2011

Hi Ken!!

Thank you again for an extraordinary event that you orchestrated in Calgary yesterday. I am truly impressed by the caliber of your presentations, and very grateful for the content that has greatly helped my career.

In addition to these seminars, I have also gained valuable knowledge and contacts from the high caliber of professionals that I meet at your events.

I will always endorse your events, and highly recommend to my colleagues the significant benefit of professional development that you offer!!

~ Peter Taylor

Ken Eddy Mastermind Retreat 2011

Ken, you did it again. Another home run! Each year you attract not only great guest speakers, but also some amazing attendees who are willing to share. I love the ideas that come out of every single seminar. Thank you for organizing this event year after year. See you next year.
~ Brent MacIntosh

I attended my first Ken Eddy “Mastermind Retreat” in Washington DC this year and IT WAS AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE. The other participants were informative and entertaining. Ken was extremely organized and the entire format ran smoothly with the finale being a TOUR OF THE WHITEHOUSE. Thanks Ken for a great experience and for helping me take my business to the next level. Cheers!
~ Lorraine Mah

i like kEn. He iz nice. i also like pizZa.
~ Brent MacIntosh

Our attendance at Ken Eddy’s Master Mind Retreat in Washington DC exceeded all our expectations. It was well organized, informative and ran to schedule. Most of all it gave a unique networking opportunity within a smaller group setting where there was time and space for exchange of ideas.Being tourists, we also got to know each other better – important when back home looking for a good fit for a referral! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these events to other realtors and to be back ourselves.
~ Sheila Francis and Terry Willies

Francis&Hawthorne Team
Remax All Points

Spending time with other agents that speak the same language, understand the real estate business and the pace of the real estate world helps me to re-connect with my own business strategies. At the tail end of a the Springmarket when we all need a break and a chance to recharge. “Washington was fantastic.” I learned far more than I ever expected and was relaxed when I returned home. I returned re-energized and ready to finish up the first half with new momentum and extra enthusiasm. I felt very fortunate to have been able to attend and share with such a great group of professional and caring group of people. Thank you for all the time and planning you put in to make this an outstanding event. Thank you as well to the speakers that shared their every detail of their business with us. They are all mentors in their own way. My business will certainly grow from this experience.
~ Greg Hamre

I attend 6 real estate conferences every year. The one I will NOT miss is Ken Eddy’s Mastermind. Simply put: I am in the relationship business and his forum presents the best opportunity to get to “relate” with the industry’s leaders in a much more intimate setting. Education and lifelong friendships. Two things that just make the world a better place.
~ Kris Anderson

Ken Eddy Mastermind Retreat 2010

Hi Ken,

First of all I have to say that your seminar on Wednesday was awesome!  I usually can’t stand going to those things do to the cheesy RA RA RA bullshit but your’s was motivational and useful.  I will definitely integrate your strategies into my game plan.

October 10, 2010

~ Tyler MacDonald

The Ken Eddy Mastermind Retreat held in San Diego (June 2010) was the best organized and most enjoyable real estate educational event that I have ever attended.

There was great information provided to the people attending – whether you are newer to the business, or looking to make that “big leap” to the next level of success, there is great information available to learn at this event. On the social side, Ken did a fantastic job of organizing a city tour in an old town trolley car for the group, and we also enjoyed an afternoon ride on a 58ft sailboat around San Diego harbour. We were also treated to an amazing meal at a classy restaurant by the ocean, and an exciting evening of fun at a festive venue in the entertainment district. Ken had every part of our day lined up on a user-friendly schedule – his attention to deal in planning these events is most impressive. This was my first time attending this event – I would highly recommend it to anyone in the real estate industry who enjoys travelling, and would like to improve their business.

~ Markus Bihl

In all seriousness, a great thanks to Ken for hosting such a great event… Kudos to Alan, Les, Brent, and Ken for your incredible power talks… Goran’s mexi-minute was super…

Just so appreciative as an American experiencing the wonder and awe of incredible Canadians…

Carpe Diem!

~ KrisAnderson

Wow, another amazing event! Thanks Ken!

~ Brent MacIntosh

Great job Ken. Glad to see everyone and Meet new faces. Lots of Ideas to bring back to the Table. Thanks for Sharing.

~ Steve Hamre


Thank you for putting on such a first class event! I know you want feedback and you deserve it for all of the work you put into this!!!

Things I Loved:

1. The quality of the attendees. All sharp cookies with successful businesses and open and willing to share ideas!

2. The fact you have it somewhere new every year!

3. You mixed formal with informal events. Smart to have the formal one first and more informal after we knew each other better.

4. I have to admit I loved the size about 30 to 40 people is perfect you get a chance to know and /or check in with everyone. I know you want it to be bigger…but it seems like we wouldn’t be able to do as many things and that there would be more people to wait for….

You were sweet in waiting for everyone, but I must admit you should have a 10 minute wait and then go! I would have been fine taking a cab back to the hotel when I lost track of time. In fact, almost prefer it to being mortified at everyone waiting on my ADD. J

Loved the format of speakers in the am and fun in the afternoon!

5. Your interviewing Les was right on!!! You asked every question I had noted, Awesome. You knew what to ask, and what we wanted to know. I wish I could make the Canada one, but a friend of mine is getting married in the islands that weekend.

6. Learned a lot and had a great time! I would definitely attend again!!!

Loved staying at Humphrey’s!!! Small enough hotel we could mingle, great dancing and bar on site!!! Perfect!!! I think we would have gotten lost in one of the major hotels.

7. I also liked you had everything scheduled! I know it was tiring, but it’s only a few days!!!! I heard some people wining, I told them they could handle going hard for a few days…stay an extra day if you want to rest. Duh.

Just a great event. I am so happy Ron invited me and I got to know all of you! I am hoping to bring another agent or two ( I know I like the smaller size, but I also know it is a business for you) and hopefully my boyfriend. The fact that you could come alone or with someone and feel comfortable was also very cool!!!

Okay, I got to run….

Thanks for a wonderful retreat!!!

~ Maria


Ken Eddy Seminar Calgary 2010

~ Greg Hamre

2009 New Orleans, USA

“If everyone is thinking the same thing, then no one is thinking”.

I have gone to all the seminars and listened to all the gurus and I have spent thousands of dollars doing so. To me it appears like they are all selling the same message. Nothing compares to the insight and knowledge that I have received from attending Ken Eddy’s one day seminars in Calgary and the Mastermind Retreats in other wonderful locations. Each and every one of the speakers I have had the pleasure of listening to has enhanced my business as well as my personal life. Hearing first hand what has worked and what has not worked for them has enabled me to add to my business that which will add to my bottom line and avoid that which will take away from it. Networking and getting to know personally some of the best in the business at these events is something I highly value as well.

I highly recommend that those looking at getting to the next level in their business participate in this format of learning and benefit from the experiences of those at the top of their game. The benefits derived are numerous.

~ John Humphreys

Came away re-energized.

Great marketing Ideas.

Excellent speakers.

Loved the attendees and the net-working.

Don’t change a thing.

Invite me back!

~ Unknown

Under promised and over delivered!!! The best 2 and a half days for learning, laughing and crying I’ve had in years! See you next year.

~ Vince Cavaliere, River City Realty, Kamloops, BC

Keep up the great work. I love the format.

Ken as always, the retreat was spectacular. I thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of the speakers. Each topic was relevant to today’s Real Estate Market. The extra curricular events were fun and the 3 days were perfectly planned and timed. I can’t wait until next year. Thank-you for putting together another great event.

Favorite moments: city tour, group dinners.

~ Brent MacIntosh, Edmonton & Sherwood Park, AB

Wow Ken! Great retreat, I knew you would have it a well-planned event, but you exceeded my expectations. All the guest speakers had so much to share. I’ve been to many seminars and conventions, but I can’t think of one that had so much substance. I’ll definitely be joining you in San Diego.

~ Bob Dawe, Calgary, AB

Mastermind seminars are packed with lots of education geared towards all areas of your life, work, and passion. The “retreat” is the amazing locations. My husband and I always make a vacation out of it. Why more Realtors don’t come is beyond me. Best money and time spent!

~ Katrina Cavaliere, River City Realty, Kamloops, BC

First class all the way! Fantastic people! Awesome presentations, Very inspiring!! I truly enjoyed every moment! Thank you for the experience.

~ Kim Fyles, Winnipeg, MB

Value added time with great people. Ken has done a super job in organizing/managing and implementing a great retreat. One of the best retreats I have ever attended. Ken and the presenters were awesome, I learned a ton.

~ Unknown

I feel very fortunate to have been able to attend this retreat. What a wealth of information delivered in a wonderful warm environment. The best “event” I have ever attended. Thank you.

~ Unknown

I don’t know how you will top this one, it exceeded my expectations. Location-wise, food, accommodations, speakers, fun, music, folders and, in addition, the speakers keep getting better and better! The variety of speaker’s topics really worked!

~ Unknown

From the welcome reception on the balcony overlooking Bourbon Street and the trombone player at 9am at the first morning session, to the brilliant expertise of presenters freely giving current, in-depth information about how they run their own business, Ken sets the stage and creates a forum that integrates insightful, practical, one on one interaction with leaders in the industry with a destination, New Orleans, that is an education itself.

The highly positive attitude and passion of top producers for their business is evident as they easily and willingly offer their trade secrets. Outside of the scheduled seminar, these discussions continue, always with humor and real life stories, in the socialization that follows. Learning and laughter dovetail into an event that is not to be missed.

The planned events were extraordinary and educational as well. The city tour took us into areas that are not normally seen by tourists and showed us the delightfully distinct architecture of different parts of New Orleans. Loved it!! Experiencing the swamp, alligators and crawfish boil made me feel like a kid again. Seeing the fabulously ornate dresses of a Mardi Gras queen was another part of this fantastic cultural sampling.  The trio of musicians performing “It’s a Wonderful World” after our deliciously authentic meal truly echoed the heartfelt sentiments of all those present.

Unbelievable education. Incredible value. Amazing participants.

In short,  “Ken Eddy’s Mastermind Retreat” is a unique experience that beautifully combines education, networking and socializing. Just fabulous.

~ Marilyn Moldowan, Calgary, AB

Once again Ken you have assembled a buffet of fabulous speakers for our Mastermind Retreat in New Orleans. To have Greg Hamre share his creative marketing ideas yet maintaining minimal costs to maintain clients. Katrina’s presentation of office administration, checklists and down to the scripts to share with my office admin will prove top be a valuable asset.

Steve Poscente set the stage for a terrific closing day; his inspiring talk “Letting it Be” was extremely valuable. Michael Polzler’s corporate presence was very enlightened!

Your effort Ken to co-ordinate and plan yet another great event still amazes me why more agents don’t take the opportunity to get away from the day to day Real Estate Business to come and catch-up and share ideas with other Top Realtors.

This has been great Ken and thank-you and Cal for making this Mastermind Retreat such a huge success!

~ Cam Bird, Saskatoon, SK

Previous Seminars

This was one of the best seminars. It really focused on techniques to increase sales volume today!

~Mike Cowling, RE/MAX Michael Cowling And Associates Realty, BC

Your coaching course was designed for people like me. We muddled through years of experience and feel like we can do more, but missed some finer points along the way.

Like an eager older student, I paid close attention to your comments…about farming an area, when to follow up with customers…

I’m not sure if it was your intent, but this course fit me perfectly…a good overview of the big real estate sales picture. Thank you very much.

~ Dal Jinder Dhillon

Thank you very much for the opportunity to hear from those dynamic Realtors. Very well organized and presented. I was impressed with the seminar.”

~ John Byma


All four speakers were amazing! They each brought their own flavour and point of view to the table and what became obvious is that you need to find what works for you! Find and use your strengths to build your business.

This business is not rocket science – do your job well, cover the basics and you will be successful – that’s what I got out of this day.

~ Lee McDonald, C21 Bamber Realty Ltd., Calgary, AB

As you know I’m a bit of a seminar and conference junkie. Frankly, I don’t miss one. Mostly  for the social aspect, partly for networking opportunities and always looking and listening for new ideas and information to improve my business.

At your Mastermind Retreat, I got it alll! What a line up of real players you had, and the format was both fun and loaded with great information.

Put me down for your next one and the next one and so on!

~ R.C. (Ron) Neal, Team Leader, Broker/Owner, The Neal Estate Team for Your Real Estate Dream, BC

Thank you Ken!

This is the only seminar I really liked. Having Q & A with successful Realtors is what I found most useful. As a newer member of the industry, I found this seminar full of useful “trial and error” examples and no BS. Thanks again.

~Kyle Beattie, Calgary, AB

Thank you very much for this opportunity!

I am a fairly new Realtor and this is exactly the kind of forum I need to be exposed to.

The diversity in the speakers helped to show that there are no set rules to become successful! I would love to attend one of your retreats, or even another seminar such as this. Please feel free to contact me…Thanks again!

~ Mikala James, Sutton Group, Calgary, AB

What a fantastic line up of speakers. The day went by so fast. Great opportunity to learn from other Realtors’ success. To hear how they overcame their challenges and grew their business.”

~ Alan Singleton, RE/MAX Central, Calgary, AB